Clubgoers Literally ‘Raise The Roof’ After The Ceiling Collapses On Them

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Clubgoers Literally ‘Raise The Roof’ After The Ceiling Collapses On Them

A scary turn of events unfolded in Manchester’s Factory 251 in the early hours of Feb 13, when the ceiling collapsed onto the punters.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in the process, however the partygoers did have to ‘raise the roof’. Excuse that dreadful pun.

One partygoer, Tom Foster, explained the situation as one might expect it, he told the Manchester Evening News that “we were all dancing and we just suddenly had this wooden ceiling panel fall on our heads.”

“As soon as the ceiling went all the lights smashed and fell on everyone, there was crying and screaming, we were just standing there holding it up, with half the room in darkness.”

Check out the footage below:

In a statement from the venue, they said: “A section of plasterboard came loose from the first floor. The same section that came loose on this exact weekend two years ago,” they said. “At this stage we are uncertain how or why – no one was hurt and the club was evacuated purely as a precaution – there is no structural issue.”

Despite this insane occurrence, Factory 251 revealed via Twitter that they will be reopening tonight after just a day. Talk about a fast turnaround!

(Via FACT Mag)


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