Zomboy: ‘When musicians die they leave a legacy, something that’s far more appreciated when they are gone’

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Zomboy: ‘When musicians die they leave a legacy, something that’s far more appreciated when they are gone’

With close to 3 million followers across all his social media platforms, Zomboy is easily one of the top 3 biggest bass acts in the world. He is an integral part of the Never Say Die label, and his LP The Outbreak, was incredibly well received and charted at No.1 on iTunes in the US, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Germany, Italy, Guatemala, Czech Republic and New Zealand. Yeah, safe to say that the kid can produce. Coming off a recent sold out US tour, he’s finally returning to Australia for four massive shows…

Stoney Roads: Hey Zomboy! Thanks a bunch for taking the time for a quick chat. You originally founded your name because at the time you were playing Left 4 Dead on Xbox 360, do you still find the time to play videogames? If so what are you currently playing and what is your all time favourite?

Zomboy: Yes and no, I still have an xbox 360 gathering dust, I only really use it to play GTA when I need to really let off some steam from the long, tiring and bloody frustrating travel days! Also when I do find myself with some spare time (which isn’t a lot) you’d usually find me either cooking, or buying things on amazon.

SR: Back in the day you used to record bands and artists in your own studio before your friends introduced you to electronic music. Do you play any instruments yourself? What were you listening to back then and what are you listening to now?

ZB: The good ol’ days! I do indeed play multiple instruments in fact. Drums being my main but also I dabble in guitar, bass, violin, clarinet, saxophone and even the triangle. I used to listen to a lot of metal/hardcore/death gnar gnar. My go-tos were bands like Despised Icon, Stick To Your Guns, Architects, Parkway Drive 😉 and tons more. Now….. I listen to mainly John Coltrane and Ben Howard, two very calming and easy listening sons of bitches.


SR: 2016 was a huge year. You’ve received support from some of the biggest names in bass music and stacked up millions of plays online. Have you set yourself any goals for the future or are you just riding the wave?

ZB: Wave riding is something I like to do best. There was never an end goal with Zomboy which is beauty in itself. I have no limits nor barriers to restrain me from doing what I want, when I want and how I want :).

SR: You’ve mentioned cracking the US dance scene was a little easier than back home in the UK, how have you found the Aussie scene and what are you expecting from your shows this time round?

ZB: Indeed the US has been absolutely incredible for me but I’m expecting nothing less than absolute mayhem from my brothers and sisters from down under (sorry to use that phrase, it was that or strayans).

SR: Your gigs truly go mental, but there must be a standout. What’s your favourite show you’ve played and where was the craziest crowd?

ZB: This is gonna sound absurd, but something that stood out so vividly for me was the crowd response in Seoul (South Korea). I went down there expecting the crowds to be very stationery and timid but those mother f**kers go hard!!

SR: When you’re in town you’ll be playing four consecutive dates, one of which lands on Australia Day weekend. Will you find some time to yourself when you’re in town? What’s your favourite thing to do when visiting Australia?

ZR: You said it, I’m literally going to be in Straya for 5 days, and 4 of those are show days. But don’t feel too sorry for me, I then get to go straight to Japan for my first time to play some shows and explore for a few days which I’m super stoked for! When I do have time off down under my preference is finding good coffee avoiding the sun and trying not to be eaten by anything/ everything.

SR: For a long time you were titled as ‘one to watch’ among your piers. Now that you’ve cemented your name as one of the bass elite, which dubstep artist would you recommend to your fans?

ZR: There is a bunch of amazingly talented dudes on the up at the moment, also in the hybrid realm of trap/dubstep. To name a few id say Boombox Cartel, Phiso, Dr. Ozi and Trampa, these guys aren’t necessarily “New” but they are all making waves at the moment!

SR: Finally, if you could bring one musician back from the dead, who would it be and why?

ZR: I wouldn’t bring anyone back from the dead, no mater how much this goes against all my zombie instincts. When musicians die they leave a legacy, something that’s far more appreciated when they are gone.

Be sure to catch Zomboy while he’s in town. Check the image below for his full tour dates.


Interview by Stefanos Mak


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