Three Deaths Linked To Dangerous MDMA Batch Circulating Melbourne

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Three Deaths Linked To Dangerous MDMA Batch Circulating Melbourne

EDIT: The pills may be marked with a Pacman symbol. Be careful everyone! (Source)

A dangerous batch of pills has resulted in the death of three people and hospitalisation of 20 in total in Melbourne.

This devastating news occurred over the weekend, with one of the victims hospitalised and in a  critical condition being just 17-years of age. A 30-year-old man is facing trafficking chargers for being in possession of the dangerous synthetic pills.

Detective Senior Sergeant David Newman says “drugs such as MDMA are dangerous and manufactured by criminals with absolutely no regard for the safety of the people who take them… It’s important that people realise they’re putting themselves in danger of not just hospitalisation, but permanent disability or even death by consuming these drugs.”

“We want people to come and have a fun and safe night out, and the last thing police want to be doing is knocking on your family’s door because a tragedy has happened. It is a completely avoidable risk.”

The majority of those hospitalised were nearby the popular Melbourne nightspot Revolver on Chapel Street, a venue renowned for kicking-on until the early hours.

Revolver was quick to issue a warning to it’s patrons on Saturday night, warning everyone that there was a “particularly dangerous synthetic drug circulating in Melbourne. Synthetic drugs can cause unpredictable reactions provoking violent and paranoid states. Please take care and don’t put anything in your system if you don’t know what it is. Look after yourselves and each other”.

The Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale also spoke out on the events, sharing to Facebook on Monday that “we need a new approach when it comes to dealing with illicit drugs and reducing the harm they cause. Persisting with failing policies is not the answer.”

Check out Revolver’s full post below. Be careful out there, mates.

(Via Mixmag)


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