Sydney Has A New Genre Bending Party Coming This Weekend

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Sydney Has A New Genre Bending Party Coming This Weekend

In a post-Baird Sydney (in which, admittedly, seems pretty much the same,) it might be time to ask ourselves what’s current and what’s interesting. Enter Frequencies, the spanking new party which is billing itself as “a genre free music palette” promising to bring attendees the goods, whether they are into “funk, house, trap, electronic, future, techno, psy, minimal, industrial – whatever, it’s covered.”

The event – curated by local queen Bassia Dinnen who works closely with up-and-coming artists such as Swindail – is going down at Sev’s (Club 77) on William St this Saturday, and will “progress through 2 to 3 genres of music via a flow of sets showcasing our best local and up coming talent.” If nothing else, it’s the perfect excuse to support some local acts and you might even be exposed to some sounds you usually skip over.

The lineup is promising to deliver everything from trap, funk, house to Kaytranada and Soundcloud vibes. With names such as local crew Bodega Collective, Jack Nagale and Esar on the bill, it’s seems like this one is shaping up to be a solid Saturday night offering for your ear holes.

EVENT LINE UP (alphabetical order):
Bodega Collective
Jack Nagle

Click here to check out the event page via FB. Let us know if you’ll be there!



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