Spenda C Shares Five Aussie Rappers To Watch In 2017

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Spenda C Shares Five Aussie Rappers To Watch In 2017

Every now and then we check in with local selector and rap connoisseur Spenda C who fills us in on with the who’s-who of the next-gen of Australian Hip-Hop.

This time, as we cruise into a brand new year, we asked Spenda to give us five artists to watch in 2017. Have a geez at the selections below, and be sure to catch Spenda C at The Met in Brisbane this Saturday, Jan 7, playing alongside Kraftykuts.


Starting 2017 off with some positive vibes, Blackdana affiliate Lil Spaceley is pretty much giving away free hugs on Show Love. It’s a welcome change to the money, cash, hoes narrative but don’t catch too many feelings coz the beat still bangs and bars still hard.

Sophie Grophie

Melbourne vocalist Sophie Grophie snuck in a late contender for 2016 mixtape of the year with her ambitious 10 track project Purpularity. Stand outs moments are the summery RAN$OM and low slung R&Bish Marry Me.

Carmouflage Rose

Cult Shøtta

Cult Shøtta grabbed a lot of attention in 2016 with their crazy ass live shows and their innovative film clips. This Planned Out video had it all… Cadillacs, camels, psychedelic sunsets. The future looks wavy.

Big Skeez

Big Skeez can do no wrong. Everything the undisputed king of Aussie autotune touches turns to gold. If Big Skeez doesn’t blow up big time in 2017 I’ll eat my baby pink dad hat.


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