Francis Inferno Orchestra Shares Lead Track To Upcoming EP

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Francis Inferno Orchestra Shares Lead Track To Upcoming EP

Melbourne house maverick Francis Inferno Orchestra is back with a stellar EP, Oasis and Time and the main track Oasis (Celestial Body Mix) is as groovy as you’d expect it to be.

Francis Inferno Orchestra‘s last release Harmony received a lot of praise across the globe since its launch 12 months ago. The 12″ EP will see three new tracks, two versions of the lead track plus another original.

The A-side will include the two versions of Oasis, one titled the Celestial Body Mix and the other titled the Erotikk Mix. The flip side will include the track Mating Rituals In The Eastern Suburbs, a song dedicated to “the humble inhabitants of the Burwood suburb of Melbourne”.

“‘Oasis and Time’ EP is some dreamy club-ready escape, inspired by early Italian DFC records & the sounds of Deep Forest. The lead track ‘Oasis (Celestial Body Mix) offers up lush deep house grooves with gritty flecks of 90’s era rave.”

The EP will be released on 27th January 2017 via Superconscious Records. 

Check out the video for Oasis (Celestial Body Mix) below!

1. Oasis (Celestial Body Mix)
2. Oasis (Erotikk Mix)
3.  Mating Rituals In The Eastern Suburbs


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