3 Massive Bass Music Names To Visit Australia

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3 Massive Bass Music Names To Visit Australia

Words by Sterling Cooper

If you like your music to feature some heaving rollin bass and an energy that screams ‘Let’s Fucking ‘Ave It’, then you probably listen to bass music already (if not, then you really should re-consider getting on board with that. C’mon man…). And if you love experiencing that said energy in the live arena, then damn it, are you in for a treat.

Australia will see 3 massive acts hit our shores later this month in what will certainly be a wall of sound and intense vibe. We are looking at visits from dubstep’s reigning prince of everything heavy, Zomboy, the return of Delta Heavy who are easily one of the biggest names in drum n bass, and also Matrix & Futurebound who has made more visits to the UK Top 40 charts than a British politician’s visit to his local coke dealer. We’ve made a quick and handy guide for you below just to bring you up to scratch:


What can we say, the kid can produce. HARD. He has more production skills than a studio ninja, and he can certainly DJ too, and with over 3 million followers across his social media, he can definitely lay claim to be one of the biggest acts. Check out new single ‘Invaders’ to really get your head around him. As the comment say on Youtube, ‘im a simpe guy.. i see zomboy post a new music, i click like’ (sic). It really is that easy. Whenever Zomboy posts ‘a’ new music we rejoice. Now rejoice in his dates and go see him live.

Tour Dates

Wednesday 25th January: The Met, Brisbane

Thursday 26h January: HQ Complex, Adelaide

Friday 27th January Metro Theatre, Sydney

Saturday 28th January: Hidden Festival (Belavoir Amphitheatre), Perth

Delta Heavy

British duo Delta Heavy is no stranger to Australian shores, and they are definitely one of the most loved international drum n bass acts to visit Down Under. Imagine Chase & Status if they had a week long bender taking a bucketload of acid which sorta made them see the light, but just not quite, but enough to really make an effort to try and reach enlightenment. That is definitely not Delta Heavy, they are way to classy for all that nonsense.

We are talking silky smooth production here people. Check last year’s ‘Paradise Lost’ album for reference, it launched straight into the UK and US Top 10 electronic charts, and straight into our collective consciousness as a stone cold classic. Yes, even the J’s have been known to get behind them (for international readers that is Triple J Radio, sorta like our version of BBC Radio 1, but not as good). Don’t miss out on this action. It’s just too good.

Tour Dates

Wednesday 18th January: Fat Angel, Wellington

Thursday 19th January: World Bar, Queenstown

Friday 20th January: Empire, Christchurch

Saturday 21st January: Neck of the Woods, Auckland

Wednesday 25th January: The Met, Brisbane

Thursday 26th January: HQ Complex, Adelaide

Friday 27h January: Chinese Laundry, Sydney

Saturday 28th January: Hidden Festival, Perth

Matrix & Futurebound

That scene in Matrix where everything sorta stand still while the camera zooms around everything for a 360 degree mind fuck is still one of my favourite movie scene’s ever. That has nothing to do with Matrix & Futurebound though, the name just sparked that memory so let’s move on. This duo also hails from the UK and are extremely decorated back home. How many acts can say they have have had 4 consecutive tracks in the UK Top 40? As my man Scribe prophecised back in 2003, ‘Not many, if any’. But these two can, and for good reason too. Just listen to ‘Control, a euphoric slice of drum n bass goodness which can stop wars if everyone just gave it a chance. Brrrrrr…. Wow, just got shivers thinking about seeing them alive again.

Tour Dates

Thursday 26th January: Royal Melbourne Hotel, Melbourne

Friday 27th January: Chinese Laundry, Sydney

Saturday 28th January: Hidden Festival, Perth

Saturday 4th February: The Biscuit Factory, Brisbane

Wednesday 8th February: Cassette Nine, Auckland

Thursday 9th February: The World Bar, Queenstown

Friday 10th February: Winnie Bagoes City, Christchurch

Saturday 11th February: San Fran, Wellington


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