Vinyl Sales Have Beaten Digital For The Very First Time

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Vinyl Sales Have Beaten Digital For The Very First Time

The urge to collect wax seems to be getting even stronger with a study finding vinyl sales have capped digital sales for 2016.

This fairly unexpected but awesome news comes via the Entertainment Retail Association (ERA) who last week discovered that the sales of vinyl records surpassed that of digital in the UK.

Here are the numbers:

Vinyl: £2.4 ($4AUD) million

Digital: £2.1 ($3.5AUD) million

Impressive, right? Well with the ever changing landscape of music, it shouldn’t be too surprising. Vinyl sales have been steadily increasing for some time now, however to outright BEAT digital sales is pretty bloody fantastic.

This marks the very first time vinyl sales have beaten digital since digital’s introduction into the market, but could have been predicted with last year’s discovery that vinyl sales were capping the combined ad-supported streaming revenue from YouTube, VEVO, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Go you wax heads!

(Via Dancing Astronaut) 

(Photo Cred:Laerke Posselt / Redux)


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