Sam Gellaitry Shares Dreamy New Track ‘1959’

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Sam Gellaitry Shares Dreamy New Track ‘1959’

Trap and Hip Hop don Sam Gellaitry released a dreamy new track titled 1959. I don’t know about you but the track carries so many different emotions throughout and Sam Gellaitry nails his storytelling all in the 2 minute and 40 second track.

Lush pads, groovy bassline, slow broken beat, sampled diologue from the 1959 film Pillow Talk featuring the lovely Doris Day, it’s somewhat therapeutic to listen to.


Sam Gellaitry has always been fantastic at evoking feeling in his productions wether it’s a more quiet one or even one of his bangers and I think personally that 1959 is one of his top releases.

Check out 1959 via SoundCloud!


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