Flosstradamus Announce They Have Broken Up

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Flosstradamus Announce They Have Broken Up

*UPDATE: Both Kurt and Josh WILL be performing at the coming FOMO Festival. Read up on the festival here.*

Trap pioneers Flosstradamus have announced to the public they have split up.

Shocking news for the HDYNATION fans across the globe, one half of the group Josh Young took to instagram this morning posting a video that revels his plans to pursue a solo carer.

He says the decision follows a lot of “soul searching” on his part; adding that his choice to leave the duo was made at the end of Summer, but “due to circumstances out of my control, I wasn’t able to make this announcement util after the Flosstradamus tour ended.”

There doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between Josh and Kurt, thankfully, with Josh adding that he has lots of love for the whole Floss team, however he wishes to change things up.┬áThis alludes to the fact that Kurt will be continuing the project by himself or perhaps finding someone new to join.

Flosstradamus have been working together for years now, bringing huge remixes and originals our way as well as multiple Aussie tours. With that said, they are included in the upcoming FOMO festival tour, which raises questions a to whether or not it will just be Kurt or if Josh will partake in one last hoo-rah down under.

Either way, sad news out of the Floss camp. Watch Josh’s heartfelt video right here, and revisit a classic remix below.

(Via Dancing Astronaut)


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