Young Franco Delivers Another Summer Jam With ‘Miss You’

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Young Franco Delivers Another Summer Jam With ‘Miss You’

As the weather heats up, so too are the tunes. We’ve been delivered a bunch of super tasty summer jams and anthems recently, but it’s hard to compare anything to hot stuff by Young Franco. This morning he’s dropped ‘Miss You’, the first piece of material we’ve heard from him since ‘Drop Your Love’ shattered everyone much earlier this year.

It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Brisbane local. Bouncy lo-fi synths against some funky percussion and claps works oh so well, and the lyrics are catchy af too. They’ll be running through your head constantly in no time at all, trust me. While yes, there are a bunch of elements here that seem to be running themes throughout all of Franco’s tracks, can you blame him? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – the formula is definitely a winner time and time again.


No doubt we’ll be hearing this jam across dancefloors all Summer. Wherever and whenever, no one’s going to be able to resist moving along to ‘Miss You’.


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