Seth Troxler Is Jumping Out Of A Plane To Keep Sydney Open

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Seth Troxler Is Jumping Out Of A Plane To Keep Sydney Open

Words by Harrison Kefford.

With the battle to save Sydney’s nightlife more prevalent than ever, how is this for an initiative with a bunch of DJs banding together to help raise some much needed funds for the worthy cause.

On December 8 in association with Subsonic Music Festival, Seth Troxler, Dana Ruh, Sydney DJ Murat Kilic and London’s Archie Hamilton are strapping on a parachute to skydive to help keep save Sydney’s nightlife.

Associated with the Keep Sydney Open campaign, the jump follows two marches in protest of legislation implemented by the government which enforced the introduction of 3am last drinks and no later than 1.30am last entry into venues. While the protests brought thousands of supporters to descend on Sydney’s CBD, the skydiving effort is a next level commitment to doing something about the demise of Sydney’s nightlife at the hands of the state government. While it is a funny idea, it’s doing an excellent job at keeping that discussion going. Big ups.

The jump is also open to donations via their GoFundMe page which you can find here. Give and do what you can.


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