Scuba Returns To Australia For A Nation Wide Tour

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Scuba Returns To Australia For A Nation Wide Tour

Paul Rose, aka Scuba, has had an interesting electronic music jounrey from his beggings to now. He found early recognition in the UK dub-step scene in 2003 and has since transversed across the electronic music landscape, covering house, abstract electronica and finally moving onto techno.

Paul’s most impressive accolade is his record label Hotflush Recordings which has been running since 2003 and reflects the Rose’s own musical journey, starting with dubstep and evolving over time to where it is now. It’s doubly impressive to think that Paul has run the label while maintaining a consistance musical output and touring schedule.

Friday 25th November: Geisha Bar, Perth
Sunday 26th November: earthcore Festival, Victoria
Sunday 27th November: Capulet Bar, Brisbane
Friday 2nd December: Sugar, Adelaide
Saturday 3rd December: Goodbar, Sydney


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