Turns Out The Star Casino Is Far More Violent Than They Claim

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Turns Out The Star Casino Is Far More Violent Than They Claim

It seems the old mates from The Star casino have been telling fibs. Leaked reports unearthed by the ABC reveal that violence at the Pyrmont location is actually three times worse than they claim.

Surprised? Of course you aren’t. It is the The Star we’re talking about after all. According to these reports, violent assaults between March and August weren’t never reported to the state government and hence were not documented. Out of 111 incident reviews covered by the report, police were only called to 36. 

Basically proving that the Star is not the nightlife hub Mike Baird wants it to be, but instead one of the most violent places in the city.

One of the unreported incidents included a broken leg, blows to the head and a “forced removal”. Yeah, better keep that one off the books.

Another sneaky discovery is that 79% of incidents were not reported by casino executives. What the hell is going on inside that place?

Well, a spokesperson from The Star has made a statement, expressing that the information in the report is inaccurate, and that there is a “misunderstanding of the incident reporting process at The Star”.

“The Star is the most highly-regulated licensed operator in NSW and willingly provided confidential internal reports to Liquor and Gaming NSW, which was established as the new regulator earlier this year,” the spokesman said.

“On that basis, there can be no suggestion The Star does not adequately report incidents.”

It all sounds a bit shady doesn’t it?

(Via pedestrian/ABC)


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