Harbourlife 2016

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Harbourlife 2016

Last weekend saw thousands of people come together for the love of music at Harbourlife Music Festival. The promoters behind the event, Fuzzy, are notoriously known for the best tastebudz in the biz. Set on a multi-million dollar location by Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in Sydney’s CBD – the festival sits right on the water adorned with boats, beautiful people and world class acts from house to techno.  It doesn’t get better than this! It’s safe to say that Snapchat-envy was at an all time high!


As you enter (after an aggressive amount of policing and dogs) you reach a staircase overlooking the harbour, the crowd and the stage; the perfect birds-eye view to foreshadow the day’s antics. As you work your way into the crowd, potentially bypassing the the bar, you eventually find your “spot” for the day and night.

The day began light with Young Franco (I missed Gabby). Gabby has been on a serious tour around the world so I was sad to miss her, but Young Franco immediately had my attention. He was a great act to begin the day. Afterwards, Fred Falke took to the stage and the crowd immediately thickened. The incredible energy continued though George Fitzgerald’s set.


From there, the more broadly known acts begun. Future Classics’ Hayden James came on and the crowd went wild: moving swiftly from a Rufus remix to an Odesza remix to his “Permission to love,” and then eventually into the radio rinsed “Something about you.” “Something about you,” turned into one massive sing-along among the crowd – a fantastic moment!  To add to the entertainment, label mate Touch Sensitive joined him on stage to slappa-da-bass; it was awesome!


With much trepidation after her Melbourne show reports and facebook retaliation, Nina took the stage. For everyone who tuned into the controversy of Melbourne – what a relief this was! Her set selection was completely and utterly awesome. It’s also a great reflection of the scene’s appreciation for Techno (especially with Pitch Festival and Babylon on the rise). However, was this a good fit for an outdoor festival at the sunset slot? Perhaps, perhaps not. It was admittedly hard to go from Hayden’s melodic fashion down to her rolling techno and then back up for MK’s dubs.


MK then finished off the night by being as sassy as ever! I think the best part about MK’s set is his ability to engage with the crowd and enjoy himself. Finishing the day with his remix of Storm Queen’s “Look Right Through,” was the perfect end to the perfect day.




Not many, if any.


Photos by Pat Stevenson


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