GTA Curate Playlist For Blazing Hard And Wearing Trucker Caps

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GTA Curate Playlist For Blazing Hard And Wearing Trucker Caps

With their debut semi-self-titled studio album Good Times Ahead releasing just a few days ago, Miami duo GTA have crafted a playlist of 25 tracks for Dancing Astronaut’s Orbit series of artist-curated playlists.

Straight off the bat, ‘Songs For Getting High & Good Times’ definitely gives you an impression of what’s in store. Mentioning that a playlist is for ‘Getting High’ in the title, rather than maybe just putting sesh-friendly tunes in there, makes me feel like this is something that someone with a weed trucker cap would listen to. It’s like someone who smokes and is constantly wearing those HUF weed print socks – we get it, you smoke.

It also feels like a lot of these tracks are ones that people who don’t smoke would think of when they think of a sesh playlist. Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and The Avalanches are like the mainstream psychedelic music of today. But pulling a fat cone as you listen to Glass Animals? Not sure about that one boys.

To be fair, just like drugs, and music taste, the combination of the two is completely subjective. This playlist is, while also a bit of a joke, filled to the brim with uplifting lil numbers. Some Schoolboy Q, J-Cole, Clams Casino, Kid Cudi and Young Thug get a go in there to round out the listenership, and GTA throw a few cuts from their new LP in there because why not.

All in all? Take this playlist as what it is, not what it’s trying to be.


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