There Is A Vaporwave Mall Being Built In Miami!

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There Is A Vaporwave Mall Being Built In Miami!

When that monthly serving of Sidechains just isn’t enough, an actual vaporwave mall is coming; a venture that aims to bring the internet phenomenon into an IRL experience.

The ‘vaporwave mall’ is the brainchild of Miami-based artist, Aileen Quintana, who is creating this haven of vapor for the III Points Music, Art & Tech Festival which takes place October 7 and runs through until the 9th.

The mall itself will be a 6,000 square-feet immersive installation that aims to take key factors of the internet movement and reflect them in real life. We’re talking old computer graphics, palm trees – the works! It will also feature department stores, a food court, a VHS store (crucial) and a salon.

Speaking on the effort with Billboard, Quintana says “Malls are becoming obsolete, and that is a thing of the past, of our generation’s pop culture,”

“Vaporwave has so much to do with mall ambience noises … and we now see fashion as an internet commodity. I’m paying my respect and homage to the dead malls.”

The vaporwave mall will also act as a stage, with artists such as Virgo, Uchi, Otto von Schirach and Rat Bastard performing and with Quintana herself presenting her performance piece ‘Interdimensional Baths’. Check it out below:

What a time to be alive! Lets revisit a vaporwave classic to get in the mood.

(Via FACT)


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