New ‘Tesla’ Pills Are Dangerously Strong

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New ‘Tesla’ Pills Are Dangerously Strong

A new pill has began circulating Europe, cut in the shape of a shield with the Tesla emblem pressed into them.

Just when you thought everything had been covered in terms of pill branding, right?

Well despite the curious emblem, these pills are truly no laughing matter. UK based non-profit organisation The Loop got their hands on the orange ecstasy pills and after being tested by Zurich based Safer Party, they can confirm the Tesla pills are dangerously high in MDMA.

The Loop took to social media to broadcast their warning for partygoers, revealing that each pill contains on average 240mg of MDMA, an amount which is more than twice the strength of what is considered a regular dose.


It seems there is definitely a higher potency trend going on of late, with the highest ever MDMA counted pills recently popping up in Ibiza and the UK, shaped like a popular Ibiza nightspot.

In terms of ecstasy and other social drugs, the reality is that people will continue to take them despite what the scientists, government and everyone else say. However, the use of pill testing has proven once again in this case that giving people knowledge about what they plan to take is the right answer.

And yet despite all of it’s benefits, pill testing is still frowned upon in Australian? Interesting..

I guess all that is left to say is be careful!

(Via: Mixmag)


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