London’s Minimal Lord Kit Grill is Releasing A New EP Next Week

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London’s Minimal Lord Kit Grill is Releasing A New EP Next Week

London producer and visual artist Kit Grill is dropping a fresh batch of work October 7th on his label Primary Colours.

His style of industrial minimal reflects on his environment with thoughtful repetition and slow building synths. The Westway EP release will feature 200 vinyl copies and a video collaboration with director Lauri Lynch.

With only a few years under his belt he has been making moves with a killer Boiler Room set, and praise from The Independent as a “minimalist master”. He also has a monthly Sunday radio show on NTS and got major props from Jacques Greene in an interview with Dummy mag,

“One time going through the endless scroll of the internet, I came across this beautiful abstract composition of a few black brush strokes on white. It was dead simple, but it had energy and personality and yet great restraint and some kind of elegance that really resonated. I had to find out what it was. Turns out it was the cover for Kit Grill’s first EP ‘Expressions’. Not only did the music live up to that cover, it fit all those qualities to a T and more. There is a well-honed and thought-out approach to all his work, both visual and musical, that I find incredibly inspiring.”

Stream the first cut from his Westway EP below:

Sound good? If this is the first taste the we are eager to see what the rest of the EP will have in store.

For now, check out this video he made to accompany a previous release ‘Velodrome’, using found footage from the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

Westway EP tracklisting:
1. Distance
2. Street Runner
3. Elevator
4. Live Work
5. Stairway



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