Listen To Nick Murphy’s New Track ‘Fear Less’

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Listen To Nick Murphy’s New Track ‘Fear Less’

Last week, Nick Murphy revealed he would no longer make music under the popular alias Chet Faker.

This week, we are hearing the first release from Murphy under his birth name, in the way of an emotional new track titled “Fear Less“.

The track is a brooding, instrumentally layered effort that builds and builds until it reaches a drum-filled apex that smothers Murphy’s stretched vocals.

It is certainly a step in a new direction for the Melbourne based artist, whose previous work as Chet Faker was quite unlike what we are hearing today.

With that said, I for one really dig the direction he is heading after listening to “Fear Less“, and am looking forward to seeing a new project in the near future.

Listen to “Fear Less” below.

(Via Pitchfork)


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