Listen: Flatwound – This Can Be Love

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Listen: Flatwound – This Can Be Love

No frill, funky dance music right here. Aussie duo Flatwound have delivered their latest original in the form of this subtle statement of groove. The act has been sporadic over recent years with a focus on LPs rather than recent model of quick-draw producers. Rooted in quality, you can quickly hear the attention to detail in the sound sounds of Flatwound.

Pairing the irresistible feel of live slapping bass with French-influenced disco foundation, ‘This Can’t Be Love’ is and tradition take on floor shaking beats. The familiar tones make is a nostalgic trip through this catchy dance chorus. An early part of their forthcoming album due out early 2017, this single is up for download. This means grab it for your sets. NOW!


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