Maitreya Festival Organizers Finally Speak Out. And It’s More Bad News

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Maitreya Festival Organizers Finally Speak Out. And It’s More Bad News

Maitreya Festival have finally spoken out after months of silence and concern, announcing that their forthcoming festivities on “grand final weekend” are cancelled.

After immense issues with the Buloke Council back in March, causing the initial cancellation of their 10 year anniversary party one day before it was meant to start, it seems that 6 months on these issues are still yet to be resolved, with their rescheduled party – set for this coming weekend – now canned.

Maitreya Festival took to Facebook yesterday, revealing their “sorrow” for the situation, and that they simply can not catch a break from the Buloke Council, who will no longer be hosting any events at Lake Wooroonook location.

They went on to say “we hope that now the CEO [of Buloke Council] and Mayor have succumb to public pressure and finally stepped down that this may change in the near future, but for now there is no change.”

“This, and the financial outcomes of this years event, all lead to the hard truth that we may never be able to present you Maitreya Festival again.”

Read the full post below:

This, on top of the law suit they are facing, may be spelling the end of the ten year old festival, who – according to comments on their recent post – are still yet to pay out a lot of punters who claimed refunds after the first cancellation in March.


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