Premiere: London Topaz – Let You Go (ft. JANEVA)

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Premiere: London Topaz – Let You Go (ft. JANEVA)

New Australian artist London Topaz shares an emotional cut of undeniably special electronic music.

‘Let You Go’ is a minimal cut of atmospheric and gossamer vocal-techno, driven by sounds that are akin to Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth.

London Topaz explains it best “For me the record was based on letting go of past issues and focusing on the power of now, breaking through mental barriers, truly capitalising on the beauty of simplicity and understanding that the most rewarding moments manifest when at peace”.

Featured vocalist JANEVA has just finished up live performances with Triple J favourite L D R U as well as Tasmanian producer Akouo.

His previously released single, ‘Hybrid Heart’ brought to the forefront the artists intuitive and emotive production, tuning the song to 432hz instead of 440 standard.


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