You Have To See This Retro Interactive Guide To Electronic Music

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You Have To See This Retro Interactive Guide To Electronic Music

Get a load of this, it turns out stabbing around the internet aimlessly sometimes pays off. We recently rediscovered Ishkur’s Guide To Electronic Music, a super old-school (by internet standards at least,) flowchart style, interactive map which lays out over 100 electronic music sub-genres, each one with some pretty hilarious commentary from the websites creator, Kenneth Taylor.

The website showcases tracks and info from every pre-21st-century electronic genre you can imagine, from synthpop to terrorcore, the site goes hard.

It has lines joining the different genres depending on their influence, as well an easy to follow progression from the 70s up until the turn of the millennium (when the site was published.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.23.20 pm

The helpfulness of the site is matched only by the one-liners Kenneth Taylor pens in the info box for each genre. Highlights include:

“Progressive is a pretentious word to begin with, so if you’re bold enough to actually call your genre that you better have something pretty fucking impressive.”

“This isn’t music, this is just a gigantic dick-waving, more-hardcore-than-thou staring contest between Hardcore producers to see which of them can be assault with BPM = 1000 on their drum machines and not flinch.” 

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.43.28 pm

When Ghetto Tech plays, it’s as if the heavens themselves are speaking. Ghetto Tech will be the natural law of the New World Order. God himself will come down, declare his kingdom on earth, and inscribe on two tablets for all the hoes to shake their multitudes of titties. And it will be good.”

Jokes aside, you can access the website by clicking here. It’s a diamond in the rough for sure, and the fact that it’s forgotten by time makes all the more glorious.

And let me give you the heads up, there are some glorious tracks in there just waiting to be rediscovered. Let us know what you find!



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