Watch Jacques Give Us a Lesson In Live Looping

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Watch Jacques Give Us a Lesson In Live Looping

Delving into the obscurity of dance music and music in general we have found Jacques Auberger, better known by his stage name ‘Jacques’. Jacques is an actor and cinematic composer, who is known for his work on movies, such as ‘Eden’ (2014) and ‘The Girl From The Bunker’ (2016).

Taking a step away from cinematic composition, Jacques has chanced his hand in the world of dance music, and he hasn’t disappointed. Dark ominous sounds drawn out over multiple bars, combined with knives and forks scraping across plates characterise Jacque’s musical style, and it’s something to be awed.

With the release of ‘Tout Est Magnifique’ Jacques found an audience, who were keen to explore the changing scenery of Techno and House music. By using the sounds we hear everyday, and a looper and a few love notes, Jacques has made smoothing undeniably unique, a sound that has to be seen to be believed, making the obscure accessible. Phonochose #1: ‘Live-looping à l’Amour’ (Live-looping to Love) is a perfect example of this up and coming producers unique take on the changing landscape of dance music.


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