Police Threaten Pill Testing Operators With Criminal Charges

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Police Threaten Pill Testing Operators With Criminal Charges

There has been a lot of talk concerning Pill Testing at Australian Festivals of late; a conversation  that has attracted a quite diverse response from authorities and festival goers – because precautionary tactics are so silly, right?

Well that seems to be the reoccurring opinion from the authorities, who have recently stated that any pill testers in the state of Victoria will be arrested and face criminal chargers.

Despite giving the go-ahead earlier in the year, it seems the Victorian Police have turned the other cheek in light of the benefits of precautionary pill testing. Nice one, guys.

In a recent statement, a spokesperson for Victoria Police said “In Victoria it is currently unlawful to use, possess, cultivate or traffic illicit drugs in any form.”

The man behind the push for nation-wide Pill Testing, medical specialist David Caldicott, recently spoke with The Age, expressing that any arrests made due to Pill Testing would be “wrongful”.

Speaking on Four Corners earlier in the year, NSW Police Minister Troy Grant said “A pill testing regime may well tell you what’s in that pill, but it has no way to tell you whether it will kill you or not.”

“What you’re proposing there is a government regime that is asking for taxpayers’ money to support a drug dealer’s business enterprise — that’s not going to happen in New South Wales while ever I’m the minister.”

Somebody think of the kids! allow pill testing!

Via Pedestrian


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