Nightlife Becomes Government “Priority” In The UK

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Nightlife Becomes Government “Priority” In The UK

The UK Government has acknowledged and prioritised their nightlife and it’s preservation.

As you’re likely an Australian reading this, I understand how strange that must sound to hear a Government body is protecting and attempting to help their nightlife thrive, right? Well I guess things are a bit different in the mother country.

The topic has been touched upon by UK Music – a campaigning and lobbying group that handles the recorded and live music industry – who have confirmed that nighttime economy has become a “priority”.

UK Music’s director of government and public affairs, Tom Kiehl, says “The night time economy is something the government will be considering very closely going forward.”

He also states that the protecting nightlife is “very much on Minister’s plates”, especially with UK nightlife contributing upwards of £66 billion to the economy.

This news follows on from last year’s formation of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), who work on finding alternatives to save and enhance the UK’s nightlife and it’s issues.

NTIA chairman Alan Miller says “there’s been an impulse just to regulate or even review clubs or close them down. When issues come up they say ‘look crime’s up, let’s reduce it’. The first impulse is to regulate and clamp down – that’s a problem.”

“In every respect the benefits vastly (of nightlife) outweigh the costs. But sometimes people hold onto an old script (that says) nothing good happens in the night time.”


I think Aussie politicians need to take a page out of the UK’s book.

Via Mixmag


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