Introducing Brutalist With Their Debut Single ‘Strep’

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Introducing Brutalist With Their Debut Single ‘Strep’

Two familiar faces in the Australian electronica scene have joined forces with the spawning of a new two piece, Brutalist.

The surprising team of LUCIANBMLOMKAMP and Seekae‘s John Hassell are the two halves that make up Brutalist; an eclectic, beat-driven project between the two Aussie producers that merges their technical, instrumental heavy production styles to form a truly spectacular debut track.

Speaking with Mixmag on the release, Hassell said “This track really marks the beginning of Brutalist, with the only real intention being that it should constantly evolve. ‘Strep’ went on to set the tone for the rest of the mixtape, and we always considered it the anchor of the release.

“We wanted to make something beautiful and unsettling at the same time; saturated and warm, yet piercing at points. Giving everything it’s own space and forcing the pieces together, kind of like an improvised jigsaw puzzle.”

Brutalist will be releasing their debut EP on August 26, via Melbourne imprint Good Manners.

Listen to ‘Strep’ below:


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