Enschway Shares His Top 5 Game-Changing Producers

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Enschway Shares His Top 5 Game-Changing Producers

It goes without saying that Enschway has made 2016 his bitch, and we’re only in July.

The Sydney based producer has been turning all the heads of late, with his eclectic, synth-heavy production that is just to immense to ignore.

As one of the more progressive artists out of Australia at the moment, we caught up with Enschway to find out who he considers to be changing the game with their music right now. Here are his choice 5:

San Holo

This guy has insanely catchy and simple melodies which gets you hooked every time you listen. He has changed and is changing the game constantly.


Has the chords of an angel and it makes me super happy when I listen to his music. He is making some god damn good emotion in his music and I can feel it in each release


Even though we are close mates I look up to his production big time. Very good and very wonky always flipping genres on there head and finding new ways to change the game.


I’m not sure how but Nömak can make music with noises that are so out there and foreign but still sound super coherent and is just a pleasure to the ears. Always something new and exciting. I’d have to say he is my favourite producer at the moment and I strongly suggest checking him out.

Point Point

This group of artists makes the best feel good summer vibe tunes in the electronic world… Without being super cheesy and lame. Beautiful music. Also Nömak is part of the group so there’s another positive!

You can catch Enschway at The Met in Brisbane this Friday along with Kayzo!


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