DJ Earl To Release Brand New Album On Vinyl

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DJ Earl To Release Brand New Album On Vinyl

Words By Sarah Tonkin

Good news for all the fans of Footwork and Juke out there!

Renowned label Teklife‘s very own DJ Earl has just announced some pretty big news…

He’s back! With a brand new album lined-up and ready to drop in August, this one is going to be absolutely huge. That’s not even the best part. DJ Earl is set to release his 8 track album ‘Open Your Eyes’ onto vinyl making this the first time for DJ Earl to have his tunes on wax.

DJ Earl announced earlier in the year that he was working with Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never on ‘Open Your Eyes’, explaining that they met in Vancouver and had “impressed each other with their sets” pushing the two to work together and perfect the album.

As usual for members of the Teklife crew, every tune on ‘Open Your Eyes’ is a collaboration with another producer including other Teklife members like DJ Manny, DJ Taye, Taso and MoonDoctor.

The footwork wunderkind will grace our ears with ‘Open Your Eyes’ on August 19th via Teklife and a big ups has to be mentioned to OBEY founder Shepard Fairey who designed the mesmerising cover art for DJ Earl‘s album.

In the meantime, have a listen to DJ Earl‘s most recent Boiler Room set and check out his tracklist for ‘Open Your Eyes’ below.


‘Open Your Eyes’ – DJ Earl via Teklife

A1 Smoking Reggie feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point Never
A2 Smoke Dat Green feat. Taso
A3 Lotta A$$ feat. DJ Manny & DJ Taye
A4 Fukk It Up feat. DJ Manny & DJ Taye

B1 RacheTt feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point Never
B2 Drumatic feat. MoonDoctor
B3 Let’s Work feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point Never
B4 All INN feat. Suzi Analogue


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