DJ Caught Streaming Euro 2016 During Set

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DJ Caught Streaming Euro 2016 During Set

Talk about multitasking.

German Techno veteran Sven Väth has been picked up on watching the Euro 2016 while performing at Awakenings Festival during the week.

The annual festival that takes place in the Netherlands sees a smorgasbord of electronic selectors come together for a two-day showcase. A pick of the festival crop, some would argue. However, it seems Sven wasn’t too pleased that his set clashed with Germany’s game against Slovakia, who was caught streaming the game from his iPhone while performing.

I guess when you’re as skilled on the decks as Sven Väth is, you can easily do both.

The image was uploaded to Facebook on Wednesday, clearly displaying Sven soaking up some gameplay while in front of an eager and unaware crowd.

Well Played Sven!




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