Artist Creates Concrete Record Sleeve For Album

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Artist Creates Concrete Record Sleeve For Album

It’s great to see artists getting creative with their album art these days, and Thomas Vaquié has gone the extra mile.

The Belgian producer has just released his new album titled ‘Ecume’ via visual label AntiVJ, of which he worked with artist Yannick Jacquet to create what has got to be one of the most interestign record sleeves ever.

Each track form the album was transformed into physical waveforms, then 3D printed and cast in concrete from a silicone mould.

Speaking on the project, Vaquié’s label state “at a time when music seems to be forced – too often and too hard it feels – to be augmented or justified by visual impact, AntiVJ Recordings wants to reaffirm the capacity held within the medium of sound itself to feed the imagination.

“In a digital age, AntiVJ Recordings wants to release physical objects, carefully crafted, that may take the form of vinyl, a plate built in concrete, a 3D-printed object, an audio book or an application.”

There are only a limited amount of these concrete record boxset’s available, which you can purchase here for around $130 AUD.

Check out the gallery below.

concretevinyl5 concretevinyl4 ecume-thomas-vaquire-yannick-jacquet-antivj-digital-3D-printing-music_dezeen_1568_2-665x400 concretevinyl2


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