An Open Letter From Raph Of The Meeting Tree

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An Open Letter From Raph Of The Meeting Tree

Sydney duo The Meeting Tree have recently announced that their time is coming an unfortunate end. Legal reasons. RIP.

With their third and final EP due this Wednesday (July 20) and their musical partnership seeing it’s conclusion at Splendour In The Grass this Saturday, we understand that these are emotional times.

So with that said, we are more than happy to share an open letter from Raph on their behalf. You can read the letter from Mr. Sydney himself below.

“all good things must come to an end”

My name is Raphael “Mr Sydney” Lauren. I am an entrepreneur, philanthropist and style icon.

As most of you know by now, my lawyers and I have recently been embroiled in a conversation with the company called Antares that produces a piece of software known as Autotune. This conversation will have officially reached its conclusion on publication of this article. I will not be referencing this conversation again, ever, for legal reasons. Nor should you, for legal reasons.

I am here to let you know some important information about copyright, your freedoms and how your actions can affect these freedoms.

Copyright is the foundation of our modern, democratic, free, cool, capitalist society. This is undisputable. If we ignore copyright, we may aswell quit our jobs now, burn our clothes and start doing the chaos dance. Anarchy will rule, and not the anarcho-capitalist kind, I’m talking the the anarcho-communist kind: unceasing crazed sex romps and depraved orgies, and no 4G signal – maybe even no LTE.

DJs will have to go back to using vinyl and the wankers who have kept using vinyl will be proven right all along. Their insecure superiority complex will swell and they will get all the bookings because none of the good DJs will own any vinyl. They will perform their Express Yourself beat juggle routine every set LIVE and not just to a webcam and two GoPros.

You need to start taking copyright more seriously – our society depends on it.

You can’t just do what you want. The internet isn’t a freedom machine, it’s a brilliant and loving copyright machine. You need to starting showing copyright the love that copyright shows you.

The internet is a place for arguing, sharing updates with friends (that don’t include links to copyrighted materials), freely consuming creative commons licensed content, or paying a reasonable price for deservedly copyrighted premium content and then recommending it to a friend via an official link and not duplicating the file and sending it to them. That’s called piracy.

Always remember: copyright is copytight!

Raphael “The White Male Oprah” Lauren

Listen to The Meeting Tree‘s  most recent release below, and get around their third and final EP ‘I Was Born A Baby And I’ll Die A Baby‘ which drops on Wednesday.


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