Third Floor shares his 5 favourite music videos!

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Third Floor shares his 5 favourite music videos!

Aaron Bannie, better known as Third Floor, has recently turned our heads with his ‘Dream State’ audio/visual EP that was cinematically breathtaking.

With that, we caught up with Aaron to find out what his favourite music video’s were, that inspired him to create such stellar visual stimuli for his music.

Check them out, as well as his four incredible music videos below.

1. Lorn – Acid Rain.

A friend recently showed me this video for inspiration for a track we are writing together. This dark but beautiful life & after death short dream film clip is complimented by the moody, experimental & haunting atmospheric synths.

2. Massive Attack – Tear Drop

This is my favourite track of all time. Everything about this track is perfect. The song written by Elizabeth Frazer, was inspired by the tragic death of her close friend and legendary singer/songwriter, Jeff Buckley. They are many theories about the video with the baby – I like to think its the cycle of life completing itself. Where there is life there is death and where there is death there is life.


3. Bernhoft – C’mon Talk

Music can sometimes be amazingly simple and stripped back. This multi-talented Norwegian singer/songwriter shows us exactly that. Armed only with this voice, guitar and some loop pedals he perfectly executes his wonderful song in a live recorded studio performance. It’s truly magical.

4. Active Child – Hanging On

Is another of my all time favourite tracks. Dream pop at it’s best; mesmerising and cascading harp and falsetto of lead singer Pat Grossi. The song and video has an underlying undertone of a love that was let go and forever being chased. The video jumps between time from a young fisherman who catches his perfect catch “Big one” and releases it, to his older self who continues the chase the one that got away! The end symbolises (to me) that sometimes it’s best to just let it (love) go!

5. Limp Bizkit – Boiler

Limp Bizkit along with Linkin Park is my secret guilty pleasure. Embracing my emo side, Boiler is about the frustration and confusion that comes along with being left by someone you love… the video to me presents all of the emotions, the shock, the rage and anguish that the partner is going through.

Third Floor Dream State EP:


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