Premiere: Tashka – Upside

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Premiere: Tashka – Upside

Sydney songstress Tashka is back at it again with her latest single, ‘Upside.’ Preparing to release her debut EP ‘Deals’ this year, ‘Upside’ is another example of the artists raw talent.

With clear influences from R’n’B’ to classic soul, she has created a blissful, bubbly piece that incorporates gorgeous, moody melodies with angelic vocals and funky drum work. ‘Upside’ is sexy and slinky with Tashka offering something unique to the electronic music scene. Upside follows a simple structure, but layered samples and warm textures ensures it remains an interesting listen.

Tashka – an Ableton Live School graduate – has been steadily killing the last 6 months, releasing consistently great tracks with the likes Dugong Jr, Loudun & Andrei Eremin among others.

‘Upside’ is a really great return for the young artist and if this is any indication of what her forthcoming EP, ‘Deals’ will be like – we’re in for a treat.

Listen to Tashka’s ‘Upside’ below!


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