Dance’s Industry Leaders Scheduled At EDMBiz

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Dance’s Industry Leaders Scheduled At EDMBiz

Just ahead of Insomniac’s main event at EDC Las Vegas, Pasquale and crew plan to make another industry impact at their dance biz conference and expo next week. Tapping the movers and shakers of electronic music and beyond, next week marks the 5th annual gathering of minds at dance’s cash cow center of the Vegas strip.

Curating an ideal environments for dance music’s new stars and influential veterans to rub shoulders, EDMBiz is more than just a few talks. Seeking to drive the industry in a sustainable direction, Pasquale and crew dive head first into controversial issues encountered across all facets of electronic music and event production.

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June 15, 2016
Time Session
9:30a The Divine Movement Yoga
10:30am Conference Welcome
10:45am What’s In a Name?
11:30am After the Drop: The State of Dance Music
11:30am Cameras Ready, Prepare to Flash: Photographing Dance Music
12:30p EDM is Dead, Long Live EDM! (EDM’s Value to Brands and Live Events)
12:45p Pioneer DJ Uncensored
1p Meet the Agency – CAA
3p Success on the Big Screen: EDM Pioneer Junkie XL Makes Hollywood’s A-List
3:30p Raymond Leon Roker, URB Founder, Opens the Archives for the First Time
3:45p Drugs in Dance Music: It’s Time for the Industry to Act
4:45p Beyond the Boys Club: What’s Next For Women in Dance Music
4:45p Monetizing Mixes and Remixes- Solving Complex Rights Challenges with Dubset Media
5:15p From Line Item to Profit Center, How to Monetize RFID
5:30p EDM Demo Day: Hackathon Presentation
6p Show/Business: Entrepreneurs in Dance Music
6p Networking Happy Hour


June 16, 2016
Time Session/ Panel
10am The Divine Movement (Yoga, Meditation, and Tarot/Numerology)
11am Ads, Fads, and The Future of Radio
11:30a Anticipation, Audience, and Not Being Australian
12p Building the Next Big DJ
12:15p Grooveo, a live streaming platform for dance music
1p Keynote: Pasquale Rotella
2:15p The Shade Tree Check Presentation + Insomniac Cares EDC Week Reveal
2:45p Keynote: Moby
3:30p Fireside Chat: Laidback Luke + Matt Medved
3:30p Leading the Way Award
3:45p Resurgence of Trance
4p Mentorship Sessions
4p Book Signing: Porcelain by Moby
4:30p A+R Competition
5:15p Keynote: Armin van Buuren
6p 5th Annual EDMbiz Artist Panel
6p Networking Happy Hour



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