Photostory: Bob Moses

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Photostory: Bob Moses

Canadian duo Bob Moses were recently hopping around Australia, killing it as the main support for much-loved electronic group Rüfüs.

We got to know Bob Moses members Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance in this recent interview. Such good guys they are in fact, that this writer decided to catch up and welcome them to Sydney.

 “Our music is definitely inspired by the capabilities of club sound systems, as we started in the warehouse scene in Brooklyn. Low-end has always been a big focus for us because of that, and we are definitely inspired by DJ and club culture in a big way.”  They told me, talking about whether their music was made for a particular setting.

“But the core of our music is based around songs, and the lyrical component of that also brings with it a sort of closeness, a personality that can be relatable.”

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“So generally, no, we don’t make our music for a particular setting, but luckily it just seems to work in many. We concern ourselves more with vibe and emotion, with the communication of thoughts and feelings, and the capabilities of the whole sonic spectrum (low end, high end, mid range etc), than any particular setting, so to speak.”

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“We can do anything from a DJ set, to a club set with vocals and guitar, to a full-fledged band with a drummer, live keys, guitar, vocals and percussion, like we just played with at Coachella.”


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