INTERVIEW: Moogfests’ Demotaped talks new collaborations with Wafia

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INTERVIEW: Moogfests’ Demotaped talks new collaborations with Wafia

Let’s start at the beginning, what got you into electronic production/composition? You definitely have an emotional and melodic vibe in your tunes, what led to that?

What really got me into electronic production was flying lotus and baths. Their production styles, flying lotus especially…it changed what i considered music. I hadn’t heard anything like it. I was like “wow this is amazing”, I need to figure out how to do this. Once i figured out how to do that, i was lucky enough to find my own sound without trying to replicate.

In the grand scheme of music, performance, the industry, where do you think trendsetting / influencer-driven music is going?
I think it’s going in a good place..but it needs to get weirder. I want to surprise people with what I do. I think that’s where we need to go. I think we need more than “oh this is a good tune” to “whoa, what am i listening to right now”. When you have to stop what you’re doing and find what that song is. That’s the direction music needs to go.

Moog and their festival are really pushing well thought out, forward thinking independent music. What made you most stoked when you found out you are going to be a part of it?

What really made me really excited is that I’ve always wanted to come to this festival as an attendee…to be someone who is performing here just floored. I was kinda confused like..whats going on? This my first festival as well.


What musicians are you looking at these days? Anyone out there that you feel is really ahead of the curve?
I think AK Paul and Jai Paul are super different. Nao is doing great things too. Empress Of, and Grimes as well. They are all taking what’s existing and manipulating it.

A couple of your recent tunes have been a bit more upbeat. What is your mindset when making these vibes? In the process are you eager to play them out?

So when I create a tune, I do get into a loop of “oh, how is this going to play live?”. They are always upbeat however there’s always an underlying message about my struggle with depression and anxiety. People don’t know that, because they see me making upbeat music however, i’ve drawn a lot from my struggles.

What are you plans for this summer? What can we expect in the future regarding tunes/sounds?

This summer I’m just going to be working on my album. I’ll just say i’ve always wanted to put out a body of work. I’m a very visual person, so that everything is visual and audible, it adds to the interpretation of a feeling.

How was the euro tour and did you bring anything back
It was great, the crowds were so loving! It was amazing to see people overseas vibing to my music. We were in Ghent,Germany for a show and people were singing my lyrics back to me. It completely floored me. That was pretty amazing.

Who are you excited to see here?
Son Lux, Dawn, Yacht.

Will there be any collaborations with Nao or anyone else in the future?
There a few, that I can’t talk about. There is one I can talk about which is Wafia. We wrote a couple tunes over Skype. We wrote a couple tunes together so we will be pushing that soon.

Whats the concepts behind Not Enough & Game on?
We were out to create something different. We created the visuals for the the video with 70s video synths. We got this old piece of technology, and the director Ann Marie captured the beauty. We were using 16mm film which is something i love, the texture and the grain. The video was basically shot during a live show, with lots of layers. We were going for a certain mood.

What do you think of the other artists on Lolagrand?
I love them! We are kind of like a little family now! We are all
Willing to work with each other.

What’s a hint of your direction for your next EP?

What happens after “heart EP”.

Favorite soundtracks from films or scores in general
Requiem for a dream.

What kind of advice do you think you would’ve given yourself a year ago?
Keep your chin up, things are about to get better. Life is not just the view you have of it right now.


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