Run The Jewels Release A Buggy Video Clip

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Run The Jewels Release A Buggy Video Clip

Run The Jewels have released an accompanying music video for “Love Again” that almost sexualises insects. You might have caught it if you were watching their Coachella set, but if you weren’t so lucky, allow us to enlighten you.

Their explicit sexual lyrical content has been synced up with macro, high definition footage of various insects pollinating flowers in what can only be described as violating. Using bright colours and in your face imagery it compliments the harsh sounds that Run The Jewels are known for. The video comes to a climax with fly traps rapping as they devour multiple flies, because really, what’s better than the image of a plant smoking a post-sex cigarette?

Have a look below and tell us what you think! Does this border on NSFW?


Anthony “I rocked a semi watching this” Serrano


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