Mad Decent Launches Eclectic Sub-Label ‘Good Enuff’

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Mad Decent Launches Eclectic Sub-Label ‘Good Enuff’

Coming off the back of a huge twelve months, Mad Decent has just launched a new sub-label Good Enuff and its first premiere comes from Australia’s own Fossa Beats.

The label will cater for innovative types and young artists by providing them a platform to share their work to the world in a “quick, nimble and flexible” way. The lords at Good Enuff are even premiering a new release every weekday – along with a free download via their Soundcloud – in order to promote “word of mouth” discovery. A move that is sure to give the next guns some coverage on the big stage.

The premiere track – courtesy of Fossa Beats with Elkka – is a melodic tune that lays some smooth vocals over some sweet synth work, creating a unique sound in a way that Australians seem to do best.

Peep it below, and grab the track here.




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