Interview: Bob Moses Amps Up For Rüfüs Support Tour Around Australia

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Interview: Bob Moses Amps Up For Rüfüs Support Tour Around Australia

If you enjoy the way Rüfüs has been shaping the Australian electronic music landscape as of late, and you haven’t yet been introduced to the deep, pensive sounds of Canadian-born, New York formed duo Bob Moses, then allow me.

Bob Moses have had a monolithic couple of months. After releasing the debut album Days Gone By last September, they have been playing all over the joint. Including an ‘Essential Mix’ for the popular BBC Radio 1 and, for some reason, the even more popular ">Ellen Degeneres show.

We got the chance to ask Bob Moses a couple of questions in the lead up to their Australian tour, being the main support for Rüfüs as well as a possible sneaky sideshow or two.

SR: Why the name Bob Moses? 

We were dubbed Bob Moses by our friend Francis Harris. The label and crew we started with, called Scissor and Thread, had this whole throwback NY thing, and Bob Moses is a quip on Robert Moses, the urban planner who built New York and was a very polarizing figure in American urban planning and politics. Living in New York and especially Brooklyn, there is no real way to avoid Robert Moses’ influence, and the name just sort of stuck.

 SR: So where did you guys first meet and when did you decide to start making music together? 

We went to high school together in Vancouver. We were friends then, but we weren’t making music together, for whatever reason, it just never happened. We moved to NYC separately and bumped into each other in a parking lot in Brooklyn. We both had studios in the same neighborhood for about 8 months and weren’t aware the other was in the city. Once we met up, we decided to muck around in the studio just for fun, and immediately there was tons of chemistry. After about a day we decided that we needed to put all our energy into working together, whatever that was going to look like. We weren’t sure yet, but we knew it felt right.

SR: I read that you at the beginning you wrote everyday for like a year before putting out any music – what was that like? Were you confident that when you finally put something out, it would be well received? 

We wanted to get it right. We knew we wanted to learn how to work well with each other, and that takes a bit of time. We also wanted to find a voice and sound together, and we wanted to wait until there was a good opportunity to release something that could happen naturally. We eventually found it through our collaborations with Scissor and Thread, and we’re glad we spent some time getting to know ourselves a bit before just rushing things out into the world.

SR: Do you have similar tastes in music or is there some stark differences? 

We have very similar tastes. We both share a lot of music with each other and always show each other new tunes. Tom might be into hip hop a little more than Jimmy but other than that we are pretty much always on the same page.

SR: How do you think your sound has progressed from when your first releases up until now?  

We’ve gotten more comfortable in our own skin, we’ve gotten more comfortable relying on our songwriting and letting that shine through our production, while still not sacrificing anything on the production front.

SR: This isn’t your first time coming to Australian shores – Do you have any fond memories? Or maybe something you are keen to do this time around which you didn’t get to on your last visit? 

We had an absolute blast playing Australia last time. We played Lost Paradise festival and Let Them Eat Cake, both amazing festivals. It was a quick trip but we just really enjoyed being tourists for a brief time in both Sydney and Melbourne. We’re looking forward to exploring more of the country this time. We love the Australian culture, and both of us being from Canada and the west coast specifically, actually feel quite at home amongst you lot. We’re super excited to be back, we were just hanging out with the guys from Rufus at Coachella and can’t wait to support them on their home turf, where they are very much home-town heroes. Excited to have a few friends to hang with this time and hopefully have ourselves a real Australian BBQ! 

Check out their tour dates and links to tickets below.

  • Adelaide – Fri, April 29th – Thebarton Theatre – Tickets
  • Perth – Sat, April 30th – Red Hill Auditorium – Tickets
  • Sydney – Wed, May 4th – Horden Pavillion – Tickets
  • Sydney – Thurs, May 5th – Horden Pavillion – Tickets
  • Melbourne – Fri, May 6th – Festival Hall – Tickets
  • Hobart – Sat, May 7th – Odeon – Tickets
  • Melbourne – Thurs, May 12th – Festival Hall – Tickets
  • Brisbane  – Sat, May 14th – Brisbane Riverstage – Tickets




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