The Last Nail In The EDM Coffin?

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The Last Nail In The EDM Coffin?

The one place that you would think EDM would thrive forever has finally stated that it is “uncool”.

Las Vegas has been the unofficial home of EDM since it’s boom into the mainstream over the past few years, with every big-room DJ and his dog taking up residencies all over the strip.

However, it seems the ever-made-fun-of sub genre of dance music may have run its course, due to the fact that EDM, along with the crowd EDM lures in, is “not cool”.

That is the opinion of Wynn Casino and Resort COO, Sean Christie, who believes “The DJ is no longer the most important part of the recipe.”

Christie’s new club, Intrigue, is one of the growing amount of venues that is pushing against the EDM sway, something that has been at the forefront of Vegas’ club life for years now.

It is also been murmured that offers from Vegas nightclubs for EDM has dropped 50%, with the main reason relating back to the crowds that EDM DJ’s bring to the club.

Jesse Waits, who will be managing the upcoming Alon Las Vegas Casino, says “People who just want to see DJs don’t dress up, they don’t have style, they don’t even want to be in a nightclub — they want to see a concert”.

Waits then described the EDM crowd as “not cool”, and that Las Vegas has “created a monster”.

So with the death of EDM, what mutant electronic monster comes next?


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