Teklife Announces Posthumous DJ Rashad Album

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Teklife Announces Posthumous DJ Rashad Album

The Teklife DJ crew have just announced they will be releasing a posthumous LP titled Afterlife.’ 

Afterlife will feature collaborations between Rashad and other prominent Teklife members including DJ Manny and DJ Spinn. This announcement has come just months after the crew announced they would be starting a label under the Teklife name.

The album is slated for an April 8th release and according to the Teklife crew “Rashad’s presence is felt throughout in the boundless energy and creativity which run through the album, whilst each collaborator brings their personal touch to the compositions.

A percentage of the profits from the album will be donated to Rashad’s family, Rashad passed away in April 2014. You can support the label and pre-order the LP here. And/or have a listen to their fresh release below.


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