A New Legislation Promises UK Music Venues Will Be Protected From Developers

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A New Legislation Promises UK Music Venues Will Be Protected From Developers

Venues across the UK will now be largely protected from meddling developers, who after the 6th of April this year, will no longer be able to build residential buildings next-door to existing venues with no responsibility of considering the noise impacts the venues may have on new residents.

Any developer who wishes to build near a music venue would have to have the ‘noise impact’ of their new development looked at by council. No longer will new residents be able to complain and have an adverse impact on long-standing venues.

Mark Davyd of non-profit organisation Music Venue Trust, created specifically to ‘protect the live UK music network’, praised the changed legislation in a Facebook post;

“We warmly welcome this breakthrough for the UK’s grassroots music venues. This common sense move by the government provides an opportunity for local authorities to use their powers to ensure that live music continues to play a vital economic, cultural and social role in our towns and cities. For music venues, this has never been about stopping development or preventing the creation of much needed new housing; it’s always been about ensuring that new development recognises the culture, economy and vibrancy of city centres by building great housing, enabling existing music venues and new residents to live in harmony.”

Opportunities to ensure that live music continues to play it’s part in its towns and cities? Sound like we could use some of that here in Sydney. Luckily for our neighbouring state Victoria, they recently did something quite similar. If you’ve had enough of the nanny-state telling you when and where you’re allowed to have a good time, then come and march (or dance) on the star casino with us, and over 10,000 others, this Saturday.


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