The Alternative Answers to Sydney’s Lockout Law

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The Alternative Answers to Sydney’s Lockout Law

The lockout laws have indeed divided Sydney of late. With frustrations at their peak, the community is demanding answers and actions from their government.

However, when laws are passed it becomes difficult to cancel them out. With that said, we thought we would start the conversation about what alternatives could be put in place of the lockout laws, that will give us an answer to violence without crippling our culture.

Here are some we have come up with, and we urge you all to comment and share your own ideas!

– More CCTV across Sydney city

– Stronger lighting in busy areas

– A structured communication line between venues and police

– Street entertainers to lift the mood of non-venue dwellers

– Stricter guidelines for alcohol advertising through mainstream media (TV, Outdoor)

– State run education programs on short, mid and long term effects of alcohols and drugs

– Salvation Army recovery stations for intoxicated patrons

– Public toilets

– Introduce education programs that teach young males how to express themselves with words not violent actions and break down this hyper-masculine idea of what it means to be male in this society.

– Re-instate the $200 daily limit to problem gambling Smart Cards (which Mike Baird changed to $5000 a day in July 2015)

-24 hour trains (Melbourne did it, and it worked!)

-A drinking points system. Much like a driving license, everyone has a clean slate then they are docked demerit points when they are involved in trouble making and eventually (if they continue) banned from alcohol consumption for a certain amount of time. Weeds out the dickheads!

Again, share this, and comment your own ideas and don’t forget to email your (factual) opinion to¬†[email protected]



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