Stock Prices For Sydney Casino Have Sky Rocketted Since Lockout Laws Began

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Stock Prices For Sydney Casino Have Sky Rocketted Since Lockout Laws Began

Here’s a grotesque figure to shovel down your throat and swallow. It appears #CasinoMike’s favourable lockout laws that need not apply (apparently?) towards the casino will be coming up against a resistance from the vested business community. Want to know why?

Well since the lock outs were put into place in February 2013, the price of The Star’s shares have risen over 150%, from $2.40 to $5.50.

How vested is Australia’s business community into the gambling industry?

It appears there’s been over 3,479,709 shares issued in the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange), which means that The Star’s total share value is set to be around $19,138,399.50.

It’s no wonder #CasinoMike targeted the vulnerable by raising the daily limit of the Gambling Smart card for problem gamblers from $200 to $5000 a day. This was ironically announced at the end of ‘Responsible Gambling Awareness Week’ in 2015.

The profits of the Casino have come at a cost of over 40 venues shutting down, hundreds of jobs being lost, 80% loss of foot traffic and a once thriving night time economy suffering.

Those wanting to support a fair review of the lockout laws and a measured approach should head along to the Keep Sydney Open rally this Sunday running from 12:30 till 3pm that’ll see live performances and speeches from industry figures.

Here are a number of alternative answers to the archiac lockout laws we think could have created an equally safe if not safer nightlift!

Check out a video from the last Reclaim The Streets before attending the next March 19th.


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