My 5: Datsik Reveals his 5 Favourite Video Games

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My 5: Datsik Reveals his 5 Favourite Video Games

Datsik is back in Australia!

The dubstep lord is just about to kick off a massive Aus/NZ tour and we’re stoked to have delved into one of his favourite pass-times ahead of the tour; playing video games!

Aside from making the wobbliest, heaviest, bassiest (that’s not even a word) tunes, Datsik doesn’t mind play the odd video game, so we asked him what his top 5 were and why!

Get ready for some nostalgia bombs.

Mortal Kombat


I used to play this non stop when i was a kid. Probably explains why I have such an obsession with ninjas these days!



This is probably my all time favourite. I used to have 4 Xbox’s linked up at my house and after school we would all go straight to my house and duel nonstop. Whoever wants to challenge me, bring it.

Final Fantasy 7


This game is legendary.. I actually made a track called Jenova Project that was based off of this game. Best RPG of all time.

Portal 2


This one is totally outside the box, which is why I love it. The character that you use is absolutely useless, however, you get a gun that allows you to travel thru walls and portals to other parts of the room.. the point is to complete mind bending puzzles. Also its co-op, which is rad!

Forza 5


We bought an Xbox One for the tour bus and I played this nonstop in between shows. I was so proud of my garage until someone else on our tour bus went and bought a bunch of shit cars while I was on stage.. For some reason the game doesn’t let you sell cars… It was like alright, pimped out classic NISSAN GTR, black and red FERRARI 458, orange and black BUGATTI VEYRON, puke yellow 82 civic. Sigh.

Datsik kicks off his tour tonight in Adelaide, check out his dates below! Grab your tickets here.

Thursday, 18th February: Apple Bar, Adelaide

Friday, 19th February: Metro City, Perth

Saturday, 20th February: Biscuit Factory, Brisbane

Sunday, 21st February: Great Northern Hotel, Newcastle

Tuesday, 23rd February: Hullaballoo Festival, Dunedin

Wednesday, 24th February: Hullaballoo Festival,Christchurch

Thursday, 25th February: Hullaballoo Festival, Auckland

Friday, 26th February: La Di Da,Melbourne

Saturday, 27th February: Manning Bar,Sydney


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