Did You Know Sydney Was Rated The Safest City In The World In 2013?

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Did You Know Sydney Was Rated The Safest City In The World In 2013?

Most would be shocked to hear that Sydney, the city currently wading through an alcohol fuelled violence epidemic according to ex-NSW premier Barry O’Farrell and current premier Mike Baird was actually voted the safest city in 2013.

According to the bi-annual Anholt-GfK City Brands Index, a trusted enough source for NSW Destination to support the findings on their own pages ranked the city as number one when it came to ‘warm and friendly people’ as well as a place ‘for visitors feeling safe in the city’.

The results stemmed from a survey of developing and developed cities in the world and a number of factors including;

“a city’s status and standing, the physical aspects, friendliness, things to do, education and economic opportunities and basic requirements such as affordable accommodation and the standard of public amenities”

Within the same article the then Minister of Trade, Tourism and Major Events George Souris also drew on praise from other awards for the city at the time including;

  • Conde Nast Traveler USA Reader’s Choice Awards as the best city in Oceana
  • World’s Favourite Overseas City, in the Conde Nast Traveller UK Reader’s Choice Awards
  • Top 5 Best World Destinations, in the UK Cruise International Awards
  • Number One City in Australia, in the Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Awards
  • The 2013 IFEA World Festival and Event City award

Now some might be thinking that 2013 was years ago and hardly a point of interest but the same City Brands Index still holds Sydney in high regards only having dropped the city to fourth position last year.

They aren’t the only ones with Business Insider toting Sydney as the sixth safest city in the world with the Telegraph agreeing, meanwhile The Economist believes it even better at fourth with the same going for the BBC traveller.

Now this might just be confusing for some as to how a city can be regarded as battling an alcohol fuelled violence plague and somehow also be one of the safest in the world to this day? Any answers for that one Mike Baird?

One politician who has been awfully quiet about all of this is the current Minister of Trade, Tourism and Major Events Stuart Ayers.

Why not head over to his official Facebook page and ask how everything’s going with Sydney’s nightlife?

In the meantime, hit ‘like’ and continue to support Keep Sydney Open and get along to the next Reclaim The Streets on the 19th of March.

Big ups to Friendlyjordies for pointing out this one. Watch his hilarious takedown of Mike Baird here before checking out the action from the last one.


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