There is now a lockout law for kebab eating

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There is now a lockout law for kebab eating

As we all know, it is the new political trend in Sydney to find weird laws that date back to medieval times and randomly implement them without hesitation, judgement or general consensus of the population.

Just to add to the chaos that is our strenuous lockout laws, City of Sydney Council has added fuel to the fire, putting a ban on some of our late night food vendors located on King Street in Newtown. Yep, no more late night Istanbul on King and Mr. Yeeros… Guess we will have to make some drunken oily kebab fix ourselves once we get home.

The Vice-president of the Australian Medical Association, Stephen Parnis stated in a SMH article that the changes came about due to health concerns, as doctors encourage food consumption in conjunction with drinking, and not after.

This a load of poop. Newtown is known for it’s vibrancy and promotion of freedom. The demand for food after midnight is high with there being so many bars on King street. Istanbul and Yeeros have been forced to shut their doors on hungry partiers at 12am, which makes no sense whatsoever because people can still legally drink at bars in Newtown after 1am. So basically the laws don’t even back up the initial argument.

Initially some of these food vendors were open, busy and serving until 4am no probs until the local council and Police decided to enforce laws they haven’t cared about for a decade. Has anyone seen how packed out Stanmore McDonalds (The closest 24/7 Mcdonalds to Newtown) gets on a Saturday/Sunday morning? Why should the government stop us from EATING?

A lot of the demand doesn’t just come from party goers either, it also comes from late night RPA and surrounding hospitality outlets for something to eat after they finish their late shift. And, let’s not get into the effect it will have on the business owners.

Sydney is turning into a ghost town as each of these menacing rules gets put in place seemingly every minute. Help us stop it by signing the petition here.


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