Reclaim The Streets! Dec 12, 2015

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Reclaim The Streets! Dec 12, 2015

On Saturday the 12th of December we marched through Newtown for ‘Reclaim The Streets’. The concept was simple; to let our government know we want Sydney unlocked.

Here is our visual run down of the day, courtesy of Nick Fraser.


NJF_3106 NJF_3096 NJF_3094 NJF_3083 NJF_3079 NJF_3076 NJF_3061 NJF_3051 NJF_3046 NJF_3035 NJF_3027 NJF_3017 NJF_2996 NJF_2966 NJF_2959 NJF_2947 NJF_2944 NJF_2935 NJF_2932 NJF_2917 NJF_2913 NJF_2912 NJF_2909 NJF_2905 NJF_2884 NJF_2868 NJF_2842 NJF_2840 NJF_2831 NJF_2830 NJF_2829 NJF_2822 NJF_2819 NJF_2817 NJF_2815 NJF_2807 NJF_2806 NJF_2804 NJF_2795 NJF_2792 NJF_2789 NJF_2779 NJF_2768 NJF_2763 NJF_2760 NJF_2755 NJF_2752 NJF_2743 NJF_2741 NJF_2739 NJF_2720 NJF_2705 NJF_2697 NJF_2679 NJF_2672 NJF_2653 NJF_2647 NJF_2629 NJF_2624 NJF_2622 NJF_2605 NJF_2604 NJF_2589 NJF_2587 NJF_2585 NJF_2574 NJF_2573 NJF_2562



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